Monday, April 19, 2010

Timothy J. Clark Watercolor Workshop

I'm just back from a 3-day watercolor workshop taught by Timothy J. Clark in Van Buren, Arkansas. It was somewhat unusual compared to most watercolor workshops, which often concentrate on technique and simplified color and design theory. Tim teaches at the Art Student League in New York, and his class was more aimed at developing artists than "making paintings". He focused more on drawing, creating themes and rhythm, and lessons from "classical" artists. His demos were very interesting. His last-day critique focused more on where each student most needed to develop his talent, than on the particular paintings he completed in class, though these of course provided some input.

In all, a valuable and very useful workshop. All of the folks at the Center for Art and Education in Van Buren, where the workshop was held, were great. It was a talented class, with many experienced oil painters trying their hand at watercolor quite successfully. The attached image is of a painting I did on the first day, a basket of lemons that Tim set up.

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